PLEASE READ: "I'm Leaving the Forum" Topics

Hi Episode fam! It’s a new week on the forums which means a whole new batch of topics that need to be addressed :smiley: The team has noticed an influx of threads/topics being created announcing the Op’s forum departure (even though they are creating the thread while still being active on the forums). We have been trying our best to avoid these topics and allowing for closure between community members. However; many of the topics now include comments from Op’s specifying that they will no longer be leaving the forums (with some of them even including this in the Op post directly after saying they are leaving). This is a problem and eliminates the original purpose of the thread causing it to be considered spam and violates the forum rules.

"But what can we do to fix this?!" you might ask!

  • Private Message your close friends on the forums and try to maturely work things out. Sometimes all it takes is friendly advise from a friend to help set one’s mind at ease.

  • Private Message our forum Moderator @Sydney_H or myself with any forum related issues you might have that we can help with. We always want the most pleasant, fun, organized and safe experience for the community and will always try to work with you.

  • Take a short break from the forums. Sometimes everyone needs a break from the every day struggles of life. Luckily the forums are not a life requirement and can easily be ignored. Note: there is no need to announce your temporary vacation from the forums by creating a thread for it. The community will live on :wink:

  • Spend more time working on your stories, scripts and art. The more time you spend being productive with your story will increase the chance of it becoming popular and more people will reach out to you with positive kudos via the forums.

Got any other ideas to combat the feeling of wanting to leave the forums? Share them below! :smiley:

So in other words. The “I’m leaving the forums” topics are getting excessive and mostly turn into spam topics.
If you are going to permanently leave the forums, feel free to create a topic about it. But make sure you are 100% confident with your decision.

Thanks all!

  • Episode Forum Team


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the OP doing a group chat with Her/his friends?


Thanks for doing this, Respected Jeremy!
No offense to others but, I do agree with what is mentioned above :eyes:


i agree,
the king has spoken


Honestly, they get annoying. I’m not talking about anyone in particular, though…



I’ve noticed a lot of threads with the topic “Leaving the Forums” where some of these users state they will be permanently be off the forums and some threads are about “Should I stay on the forums or leave? What’s your opinion?”

You are right when you say some of these users still continue to be active, leading to confusion.

If you’re leaving the forums for a little while/taking a break, there is no need to create a thread about it. You can PM the people that you were close with and let them know (pretty sure you can invite more than one person into a PM) and maybe even write in your bio that you’re on break.

Maybe we should just create one big thread on the forums that says users who are leaving the community so people who are leaving for real (100 percent sure) can write they are leaving, a goodbye message, and others who were close to them can PM their goodbyes and find other ways to stay in touch.

Thank you for creating this thread, it was much needed :smile::candy::jack_o_lantern:


Agree 100%, people make these threads saying they’re leaving permanently and then contradict themselves. Why make the thread if you’re not really leaving.


Hmm good point!! Lol trust me to procrastinate though :rofl::rofl::rofl:

However yes, to be blunt - I agree with this thread!


Am I the only person who wants to jump into these threads and go “Leave. Goodbye”. (Nothing against the people who start these threads as I typically have no idea who they are lol, that’s just my immediate reaction.)


Thank you for this, Jeremy. Someone had to say it :eyes:


I think of doing that also.


That’s usually my response to attention seeking behavior too


Thank you @Jeremy!!!


Thank you. Honestly I don’t understand the ones who make the thread to create drama I guess it seems like that to me. They usually specifiy why they are leaving especially to a certain person to mock them or trying to convince others that person is a bad person. Then they come back saying “I came back cuz my friends helped me”. To me, (no offense) it seems like “since I’ve done my job to mock my rival/enemy/or the person I don’t like I’m coming back.”. It’s just not- mature. It seems like they are leaving so that they can listen to their friends telling them to come back and don’t leave, and get more attention. They also use the threads in a bad way to mock other people or to- in a bit exaggerated way, cyber bully others. Or make a fight between episodians.


Bumping this ^^

Just saw a few “I’m leaving the forums” threads and immediately thought of this post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More people need to see this. Because the words of this post still continue to be ignored by some…

Honestly I think that people who first register need to be directed to this thread & have a look through it (when people sign up, they have to read this thread, knowing they can’t make topics like this.)



I agree with this tbh it most often is bc of drama and it’s really irritating. Just pm your friends and take care of yourself.


Totally agree with this! If your leaving the forums, obviously that’s sad but I can guarantee you don’t know half the people who click on your thread just to see whose leaving. It’s super annoying and The large amount of them is definitely spam and kind of attention seeking.

Just create a group chat, The whole community doesn’t need to know if a single person is pretend leaving. :roll_eyes: