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Hello Episodians! My name is Abygail.

So I put it upon myself to create a chance for everyone to get a shot at being a winner. I want to host an awards ceremony- and not one that’s specific to one topic. From arts to writing- I plan on making this ceremony for all of us.

I want to get a group together so we can all talk and share our ideas so you can be a part of creating this ceremony just how we like it. If you’re interested, message me. We’ll discuss the categories for the awards, prizes, decide how nominations should work, and much more! I’d love everyone interested to join- the more the merrier. But please - let’s make this perfect for us. Let’s make Episode history.

Abygail :heart:


There is already the Annual Awards and it happens every year…

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Sounds like a great idea!


No I just wanted to make sure you were aware. I had the idea of seasonal but got a few people writing long and many paragraphs telling me why it was a bad idea so I just don’t want ot to happen to you


can i be a judge?


Should have a story winner for each genre. Judges can enter too if they want but will not judge the genre their story are in. :thinking:

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Sure! Count me in.

Can I join in?

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