Please read my book!


I decided to write a book before I adapt it to episodes portal.

It’s been out a while and I’ve been diligently advertising it left and right. However, nobody seems to be interested.

I really need some feedback and reads, so if you’re willing to check it out you’d be helping me a lot.

It’s on wattpad and you can find information on my linktree.
It includes my link to my wattpad story and so on.

Story information,

Title: Eternal
Genre: fantasy and action
Author: faith and zaddy.
Description: A young boy is offered a mysterious ancient book from a stranger, he takes it to his older brother who insists it’s fake and hides it for it to not be found for years to come. Many years later as the older brother reaches adulthood;a complex and menacing situation makes him decide to take a look at the ancient book he had hidden years ago. The ancient book tells of a story where there’s hidden magic that can be unlocked for the world’s use. It is said you must find the thief, trickster, saint, abomination, and the corrupted one before the key can be revealed. The older brother begins an adventure to find these 5 figures out of curiosity, impulsiveness, and seek for adventure. This is the story of how the 5 powers that changed humanity forever were founded.

Please check it out and help my friend and I achieve our dream.

Thanks again.

This isn’t a thread for advertising your episode story’s, as it isn’t listed as episode related feedback. So please don’t spam the thread with your copy/paste.