Please read my story thanks!

Inside Out


Hi :smiley:
What is the story about? And what genre?

Storyline / Description:
Follow Regina in her life with struggles, relationships, death, heartbreak, betrayal and being a high school student.
Genre: Drama

Hello! Wanna r4r with me?
My story:

I will check it later.

Also I advise posting here



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Thanks for linking me! :heart_eyes: and yeah, you should post to my thread. People will be able to see your story and you’ll be able to find other newly published stories, as well.

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Let’s send ss when we are done :smiley:

though im not a ss kind of person.

Just one when it shows the orange bar in the chapters

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So u read the first one :laughing:

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Could u send me a ss showing the orange bar saying how many chapters have been read? Like the one I sent

So u read one, I read 3 of yours

ahh sadly, i’m not that interested in male lead stories but i’ll try to read it !

Ok, but I read 3 of yours, it’s a matter of fairness, it’s ok if u don’t like my story

okay, i’ll read it’ll tmr then

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Ty for understanding :slight_smile: