Please read this (mental health)

I’m assuming as you have decided to read this
You are struggling, feeling bad or are just interested in what I have to say, either way welcome.

So first of all it’s important you know that I am better than you, I am more important I’m better than your family, your friends and everyone in your life.

How did you feel reading that annoyed? Sad? Disgusted? Good! These are the emotions I want to provoke. You may ask why… and the reason is, if you felt some sort of emotion towards what I’ve said they it shows that you recognise some self worth and importance in yourself, your family, family and the people around you, you realise you deserve to be happy and you are right I am not better than you I have equally the same amount of importance and worth as everyone I meet, everyone I know and everyone reading this.

And if you don’t feel that self worth within yourself, then take a moment close your eyes, focus, what can you feel? You clothing against your skin? the temperature in the area you are, your heart?
What can you hear listen to the sounds around you, can you taste or smell anything?

That is purpose! You belong here because you are alive and don’t let your mind stop you or make you believe anything different. Being honest a week today, I didn’t know if I’d be here but something told me to fight and while it’s still a battle and I question my worth a lot but if I think about it hard enough… yes anyone could do my job but only 1 person can do it the way I do it and thats me, even if I’m only making a small impact it’s still me making that impact!

My mum is a nurse, but anyone could have been doing her job, taken her place at college etc so why does it matter that it was her?
It matters because she is the one to make that impact. A few years ago (true story) my parents were flying home from a holiday, they collected their cases and a man went into cardiac arrest and collapsed to the floor, no one really knew how to respond. My mum rushed over and took charge of the situation until paramedics arrived. Without her that man may have died. So even though anyone could have been in my mum’s position they wouldn’t have made the same impact because they weren’t there.

When my mum was younger she had no idea that one day she would save someones life… We all make a difference in some way even if we don’t realise it…

A few years ago I was walking home from work and saw an elderly lady, out of politeness I said “hello” and she decided to strike a small conversation. We talked for a short while and then she turned to me and said “you know, I haven’t spoken to anyone for about a week.” And honestly I could have cried.

A simple hello or smile can change someones day and that can be your purpose for the day. But even if you don’t feel like it, you make difference every single day you just don’t know it, you are loved and wanted and needed keep fighting for who you are :heart:

Stay safe guys


I won’t lie this was hard to write. It was something I wrote a few years ago which I found in my note pad last month. My mental health has been awful and this brought tear to my eye. I changed it slightly to make it more current


This is so sweet :sob::heart:

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I’m really glad you liked it xx
Mental health is a scary place to be at times and I think we all need a reminder of the reason we are here x


Beautiful :pleading_face: I feel down a lot but I always tell myself to remain positive, even though I’d rather give up, I tell myself I’m a warrior, to keep pushing forward no matter what :yay: I remember I did something nice for someone and even though it was little to me, they were stunned because they never saw that kindness in their life and told me the world needs more people like me :heart: it’s always important to be kind, humble and learn to appreciate, take care and love oneself. Even if life is tough, we need to remain strong and keep on fighting :fist_bump: stay safe too :gift_heart:


No, it made me laugh and I was confused. :joy: I mean the title and that is so contradicting. :joy:

But thanks for this thread, I know I could have used this a few days ago. So I will definitely come back when I am feeling sh*tty again. :eyes:
The world can always use kindness. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can really connect with you on that one, I have a friend who struggles to and she sad the same thing that she doesn’t feel like she makes a difference especially with what’s happening. I pointed out that she answered her phone last week… it made a difference to me. It made that very dark place a little lighter and she has said that I do the same when I agree to meet her. I do have quite a lot of support around me, I suppose I become blind to it at times :heart::heart:

And it’s so awesome you made someone feel so good, I always find making someone happy makes me happy too and making a difference to someones day is the best feeling ever, even if it’s only little.

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You prove a point I’ll re-think the title :joy::joy:

I’m sorry to hear you have been feeling shitty but at least I made you laugh :joy: remember
We’re all in this together!

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straight up chills :flushed: :heart:

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I’m glad you like it :heart::heart:

I know I’m not the best at writing so I’m glad that people can understand it ha ha

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Loved every part of it! :purple_heart:, my mum is also a nurse.
So once at a shops checkout, before me was an elderly lady, at first i didnt notice, but when she was already walking away and i was packing my bag, i noticed she forgot her umbrella, so without thinking i took it and hurried after her, and by suprise i was at the right moment because, she was about to go back, but when i gave her the umbrella and said here you go, she looked so gratefull and happy, she said thank you. Walking home I felt so proud and happy that i did that. (it made my heart warm)(hope you understood,) :heart: :blush:

Awh, no I actually liked it. :joy:

This is so nice it almost made me cry :purple_heart: I struggled and still do with my mental health but I always try to fight those battles and stay here and remind myself everything happens for a reason I’m still here for a reason :heart: and this goes for everyone you are beautiful, wonderful and amazing!! People love you I love you and remember God gives it’s toughest battle for it’s strongest warriors :heart::heart::heart::heart: and I’m proud of you for being here trying to be the best you can and staying positive through tough times and for just trying :pleading_face::heart::heart::heart: !!! So proud

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve made a lot of progress with my mental health, but I still struggle with purpose/self worth. Recent events haven’t helped, but I’m still better than I was. Right now I’m dogsitting for a wonderful pupper while his people are away taking care of their elderly mother. It’s very convenient for me to care for the dog, and the dog likes this arrangement much better than going to the doggie hotel.

If I may soapbox for a bit,


I’ve had severe depression for as long as I can remember. As in suicidal ideation when I was like five, one of my earliest memories. It wasn’t until I was nineteen sitting at a stomach doctor’s office, explaining symptoms from my chronic but symptomless stomach pains, that anyone told me no, not everyone just has 24/7 casual thoughts about killing themselves. After that I started seeing a psychiatrist and getting medical treatment and therapy. And boy. You could pay me a million dollars a year for the rest of my life, and I’d never go back to the way I was.

That sucks!


This reminds me so much of something I wrote 5 years ago before I left for college at my last therapist appointment. I definitely didn’t make the best choices as a teen, so my mental health was terrible for the longest time.

So far I’ve been having a stressful day, so this really helped me!

I’m sorry for the delay guys. But I’m glad you like it.

I’m also glad you managed to understand it ha ha

@StellaRose aww thats so nice and even the smallest amount of kindness not only helps others but can make us feel really good to :slight_smile: xx

@Abbixowrites Oh no I hope it was in a nice way, I don’t want anyone to feel upset, I’m sorry you are struggling it really does suck. I was in a dark place not last weekend but the one before but the fighting part of me wanted to stay here, I guess I know deep down I have so much I want to do before I go, it’s just hard to remember that sometimes.

@Javertthejolly that’s amazing I’m so proud of you for making progress, just remember even the smallest steps are achievements :heart:
I’m going to blur out but would you mind if I ask about something you said I know you said that you realised not everyone has thoughts of killing themselves every day, I thought it was strange that it had started happening to me such as how were and when but I was told a lot of people experience it and that it was normal…
I’m still in my spiral at the moment but I seem to be having a lot of good days lately.

I hope you’re feeling better, I’m sorry to hear that that you didn’t have the best time as a teen but just try and think about how far you have come x


Well, what I felt none of that? :thinking:

Nope, but if I think I do smell something burning… :sweat_smile:

NO! That’s my toast- :running_woman:t4:

:cry: It’s all burnt


Sorry, I know this was supposed to be serious, just thought I’d add a small joke in :laughing: But in all honesty, thank you so much for this, I really needed it, and even though this is just a small reminder, I really appreciate it :sneezing_face: