PLEASE READ:! Where is the inclusivity episode?!

The main character in my story is a chubby man but there comes a problem when there isn’t an option for it. All the men in the character settings are toned men, but there’re chubby women so I don’t understand why chubby men preset/body types aren’t an option. Im having a hard time portraying the main character how I want because episode is restricting it. Please if anyone can help that would be appreciated. ALSO, episode please add chubby men presets or body types. Thank you!


Omg yess!! Period!! Lol i feel you girly, i myself is a plus size girl and yes i believe they should have a chubby male too. I believe they should make so many types of body sizes honestly :joy: btw they do have a male body that shows a lil belly out but its not what i wanted :joy:


I saw the lil belly but it isn’t what I’m looking for I need something bigger yk like something that ACTUALLY portrays bigger males. Im trying my best to make the character with the female body but it’s not working due to all the clothes, hair, and details being all feminine. :sob:

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I feel you girly, they should make a bigger male. Just like how they made a plus size for females. I wish they make more types of thick girls as well because theres even slim thick girls too which i want and would love :joy:


They defiantly need to add in a plus sized male as well as middle sized fm and male


I was just thinking that the other day when I was writing. So I completely agree with this, they need to add more body types for women like more middle sized too. They especially need to add more for men, I think they have been pretty much the same for a while. Hopefully, they will be changing this soon.