Please recommend me story that have art scene inside


Hello can anyone suggest me story that have an art scene inside it?

I hope I can get a story just like I married a milionare. If have art scene in all chapter would be fun :thinking:


I married a milionare


I already read that story… other than that?



Sorry no


The Teacher, The Assain: Femme Fatale, and other stories by @TheTeacher.


Trapped: The Island by @Alusza


@Erna.writer I see you’re new, welcome to the forums btw! :blush: :blue_heart:


Well thank you… :laughing:


i have art scenes in my story. The art scenes start on Episode 10 or 11 i think.

Story: Bloodlust: Revenge of The Pure Blood
Style: Ink
Description: Meier finds out that Charlotte has ben taken by his brother. Will he rescue her in time, and will Alaric force himself to kill Charlotte once again?
Genre: Fantasy




mine has 3 if you wanna check it out?

i’d love your opinion on it, too!


Mine does. (I use the same artist as Lady Dianna)

Story: Autumn Falls.
Author: Luna.
Genre: Romance.
Style: Ink.
Chapters: 8.


I put you on my list?


How many art scene inside it?


How many art scene inside it


More art scenes will be added to the story soon. Maybe at least 5 or 6 are in it, and couple I am waiting on to be approved.


Three between 8 chapters.


3 so far


I put you on my list


I check out… any recommend story that have art scene in all chapter?


don’t think any stories have one in every chapter.