Please Review my Cover Art and Give Opinions


Hi :wave:. I made cover art which is only temporary for my story. I got this art from episode and just added the title and changed a few things. I would love if I could have any opinions and please be honest. Would you click this to read? Im not sure if I would or not.


Personally, I think the default covers episode gives aren’t actually bad. So I don’t mind the adding of your title on to the cover.
However, it is still the default cover, and that in itself has a somewhat negative connotation.
Would I still read it? Yeah, I’ve read stories with the default covers before, so why wouldn’t I read one with the actually title?


sorry if this is blunt- but nope. imo the default covers are kinda sucky- ask someone on the forums to make a cover for you, there are a lot of people willing to do so. they look loads more unique!


Thankyou for te honesty. I feel like deep down I know its bad, but I wanted it to be good. Thankyou for the feedback.


It’s not bad, but it’s just that everyone who’s created a story, knows it’s a default. When you make your own covers, even if it’s a screenshot, it’s a little more intriguing for a reader.


yeah, I felt the exact same way about my first cover, where you’re totally aware it’s not good but you’re like, “uhhh I can let this slide”
my first cover was a picture of an anime girl I stole from the internet, if that makes you feel any better lmfao.


I could, (if I’m not busy) make a cover for you, big and small for your story, just dm me on instagram at @epyamelia <3


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