Please review my cover


I just made this and I don’t know if it looks good enough… or if I should add more to it​:frowning:️ I have never made a cover before.:musical_score:


Hello! I like it! But I feel like you need to change the font :heart:


Thank You!:blue_heart: do you think it would look better if I used a solid color instead of the black and white?


Or just change the font?


I think I like the font just change the color maybe? the stripe zebra doesnt go with the background? The lady on the left is wearing black that blends into the background. IDK if that’s your intention


Yes, I think changing the color is good!


Thank You! And I actually didn’t really realize that until now so I will probably change her outfit also XD :blue_heart:


I like it but I also agree with them change the color on it. You did a great job on it though!


It’s actually good for your first cover


I think it’s beautiful! Although if you need some help or tricks, I have a post on how to make a cover!


I just finished these three!~💙 do any of these look better?


I like the very last one!


Thank You!:blue_heart:


De nada :wink:


I also did one using the original font but in a different colour…I don’t know if this is the best one or not though.


I like it! Either one is gorgeous!