Please review my new story (only four episodes published (ongoing))

Please Review my story and i will review your first 2-3 chapters and if it gets me hooked i will read it all and help promote your story!:blush:

Email me a screenshot that proves you read and finished my 4th episode and give me feedback as well:

I will read your story!
You can read mine as well!

I definitely will read your story the title really catches my attention! As once you show proof that you read my first couple chapters i will read yours

I messaged you privately

Hey, I read your story. I can’t email you the screenshots because I don’t want to use my school email because that shows my name and where I live and everything. Here’s your review:
Overall, I didn’t like it very much. I thought it was quite cliche and I didn’t understand what was going on most of the time. When I had the choice to change outfits I couldn’t see the main character because the screen was black. Also, the part where it literally describes how she lost her virginity, with sound effects and all, was just a little too much for me. The directing was spotty and basic, the characters would pop in after the background faded in. There were quite a few spelling and grammar errors. I’m sorry if this was harsh, but this just wasn’t the story for me. Here’s my story info, I hope you like it.
Title: Over Before You Know It
Author: Lizard
Genre: Drama
Description: You and your best friend make a suicide pact to go to the Grand Canyon and end it all together. Will you both really do it? Or will it be over before you know it?
My instagram: @lizard.episode


Also here’s a screenshot, I read 4 episodes but my phone ran out of space so I couldn’t take another one lmfao

Okay I’ll read it. Check line out too!
I love HIM and I (LIMELIGHT)! Check it out! #episode

Sorry for the glitches i have no clue about what’s been going on.

Actually didn’t notice it was cliche until i was 3 episodes in :woman_shrugging:t5: I really don’t run into stories like this so i wasn’t aware.

I also am clueless about the sound effects because it never plays when i test it on my boyfriends phone same with the glitches i never see them when i test it but when I’m editing on my phone it shows😔 sorry☺️

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Hey! I’d love to exchange reviews with you I’ll finish your story today:

My story is called Revival.

Heres the description!

The story is about Lillian Hayes, who is a professional criminal in a futuristic society. Lillian lives at The Circle, a home for thieves and rebels who resist the new dictatorship government. Love, family drama, action and plot twists; find it all in Revival!

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Instagram: episode__grace
Style: Ink
Author: Grace

Hey, can you please review my story? :hugs:
Title: Fantastical: Mysterious Investigation
Author: Lаwful Evil
Genre: Fantasy
Style: limelight
Description: People are missing in Innsmoot, the monster lives in the forest. Who’s behind all this? ~