Please send help episode didnt respond to my email 😭

HELP PLEASE!! this is the second time my episode game has done this on mobile, there’s a bug in my app that makes it impossible for me to click on the answer options on text moments therebefore making it impossible for me to continue the story!! i tried restarting my game, rebooting my phone, NOTHING WORKED!! and you guys know i can’t erase the data and magically get it to work because episode links the datas into our phone, and i don’t have enough money to buy the vip pass for unlimited replays, PLEASE PLEASE HELP I BEG YOU GUYS!! :sob::pray:

You can erase the app and reinstall it :smiling_face_with_tear: or wait for episode to respond that’s the only thing I can think of

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Hi there @kadelinelarouche, if you’ve already sent a ticket to the support team, I would recommend checking your spam and junk folders to make sure their response didn’t end up there. It happens sometimes :smiley:

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i checked it multiple times and it wasn’t there :sob: are there any alternatives for me to try out?? because if this happens again in the future i swear that i am gonna break down even if i’m playing in public :sob: i can’t even reinstall the app or log out because the datas of the stories don’t work like that

BUT I TRIED DOING THAT BEFORE AND IT DIDNT WORK :sob: as far as i know episode story datas are linked to our phones storages or something so even if i do it several times i really doubt it’s gonna fix the bug :sob:

Iam haveing the same issue help please

I touch screen but I did not touch that option. This issue again :person_facepalming:

This is so frustrating help

i know right!! episode just has got to fix this bug for sure, like at this point it’s not just them giving pros to people who have more to spare, it’s that were barely given any chances to even spend money to enjoy the stories we like because we have to face issues that prevent us from continuing the stories at all :sob: