Please share limelight gay stories for girls LGBTQ+

Anyone has good limelight gay stories to share? :slight_smile:

I know this app is quite lack of gay stories especially limelight stories. I found some good ones and wanna read more, so if you know any good limelight gay stories please share it :slight_smile:

gay stories I’m saying might have girl love interests or give us a chance to choose our preference.

so far as I found and love them are Envy , Dirty Little Secrets , H & V : Admit One , Waiting in the wings , Fantastical: Out of Time , Pretty Little Liars , Pitch Perfect.

Thanks everyone :wink:

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Treasure Hunt by TORIAH


Darkest Silence, Creatures and Clicks, Singles at Sea (limelight) can be, same with The Baby Project and Matchmaker if you’re into gem stories


Keep Your Enemies closer and bye bye bad boy by katpphic :wink:

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Playing Her Game by Beth/Charity Sweet is growing to be a favorite

I’m not a fan of the limelight style but she makes it one of the few exceptions :slight_smile:

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I’ve written: My bad lesbian stepsister, Lesbian Catfish, my boyfriend’s lesbian sister & Fire Slay the Lesbian heroine :grinning: And they’re all in Limelight


My bad lesbian stepsister ahhh i’ve read this one!!! its sooo good

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Would you read a spotlight story? (The characters are still Limelight.)
Spotlight: She & Her

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Tysm :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Awh yw :two_hearts:

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