Please share your tips for new episode editors!

Hey everyone :blush:
I am quite new to the episode community. I have seen many people make beautiful edits. It has inspired me to make my own edits (I haven’t done any yet :sweat_smile:) I would love it if you shared any tips that you have that could help me.


Hello! Practice is the ultimate key. The more you practice the more you will improve.

For more support with the assets for arts and edits you can visit my group @/theambassadorsapt on instagram

Group’s website: @episodeambassadors • Milkshake Website Builder

If you have any doubts PM me

Thank you! :purple_heart:


I personally would use drawing apps, whether it is ibis, procreate or photoshop (maybe something else). They tend to work pretty good.

Take the character screenshots from either 1) the zoom in in the character CC when you’re making them, or 2) code it into a script and screenshot from your phone.

As for the editing itself, I like to remove the background myself since background removers often leave lines and can make the quality worse.

Use a big canvas (I use 2750 most of the time). It’s way better for quality.

Try to look at time lapses of other people, I still learn new things on how to do it when I see them from other people.

And ofc, just practice. It may sound silly, but practice is important just do it a few times and you’ll see progress.

What I see some people not do that can really enhance their edits, is lighting and shadows. Those are really important, the difference between not doing it and doing it is big. I sometimes don’t even like my edits if I don’t use shadows or lighting.

Lighting is hard, you need to be able to think about how it would fall, where the shadows should be. Ngl, I kinda free-style it most of the times. It sometimes does work out, but sometimes I later see lighting at places where should be shadow.

I have a link to a drive folder with time-lapses and screen recordings in my IG bio (@dragon.epi) so you can look at those if you’re interested:)

And you can always DM me either here or on IG if you have questions:)


Thank you. I will check it out :smiley:

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Thank you so much, your tips are very helpful <3

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Make sure you know what pose your doing. If not it will look sloppy. Also, double-check it again like it would as if you were writing.

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Thank you :blush:

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