Please someone help me. Duplicate troubles

No, you don’t need a template for the duplicate character. Just for the main. After you finish customizing the main character and select finish, that’s when you will make the duplicate become the MC and change certain features. So just 1 template required. But if you want to customize more than 1 character (like father or friend), then you’ll have to paste another template (do NOT paste the same exact one within your episode due to duplicate label issue-duplicate labels aren’t allowed in an episode). 🖤 HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤 :sparkles: :sunflower:

So you can paste this template in episode 1 of your story only once:

You can paste it in episode 2 of your story only once:

Basically, you can paste it only once in each episode of your story. You can’t paste it, for example, twice, in one episode.

You’ll find templates to customize more than 1 person here within an episode: