Please someone help!

I already sent a message to episode but, I need to get this fixed fast it’s driving me insane. I’m making a new episode but this keeps popping up after a couple of seconds of being in the first and second chapter. So I created a third chapter and its fine. I don’t know how I’m gonna finish episode 2. If possible, please can someone tell me how to fix this.

What is the error?

I would suggest you reload the page.

Already did that.

Ok next suggestion, would to reboot your computer and start again.

It’s a phone and I did that aswell.

Right well what happened prior this message, were you putting in a overlay code etc,

No it was a simple scene.

Well my only other suggestion would be to report bug to mobile app forum, I know you said you sent a message to episode so if that was what it was ignore my response then.

Ya I did that. I even downloaded a bunch of virus cleaners.

Oh wow, I don’t know what else to think of, I guess wait until someone higher up response. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Thank you for at least trying.

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