Please someone just be there for me

I feed a street dog and i am quite close to him. Today, he just bit a person who was carrying a dog in his arms and that person’s mom threatened me that she will get the dog picked up if he tries anything like this again.

Someone pls tell me what should i do? I am with him since 7th Feb and i love him. Anyway how i can stop him from doing this? And don’t suggest training. I mean i cant train him and my fam would absolutely refuse to pay for training.

I just want to keep that dog here and i will do anything for it. I always planned how i will celebrate his bday (the day he met me) and i want him to be with me.

Honestly, if he goes away, i will be so close to an absolute break down or even depression as i dont have TRUE friends. I just have him.


That’s a really touching story!!!
Don’t let that lady get between your relationship with your dog!!!Don’t be scared of her!!!


Try and ask authorities if you can adopt him

I have a dog who is 15 months old and I would be devastated if that happened to her, but I also know that if she was a homeless dog I’d adopt her in a heartbeat

But the fact is you need to train him. dogs who bites has to be put down its the law( I dont agree that its right but it is)

I know it can be very scary. I had a my dog put down because he bit another dog and they call the cops . even thought it was there dog there always run around out of their garden and into anyone els.

but if you cant train the dog not to bite you properly lose him.

I wish i could say its gonna be fine and you have nothing to fear but it would be a lie.

My dog is huge and he acts like a puppy so he might playfully bite people and accidentally bite them to hard. We’ve tried to train him to be calm around people. I recently lost 2 puppies and it hurt me so bad. Don’t let anyone get between you and your dog. A little practice can go a long way.

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My parents don’t want a dog. That’s the reason why i dont have my own pet.

He doesn’t bite people just the people with dogs.
Sh*t man i dont know what i do
Since Feb he hasn’t bitten anyone. He just bit one person cuz he had the dog.

Unfortunately the law says all dogs who attack/bite must be put down. I say your best bet is training the dog, or maybe moving the dog to a different location.

My mum was like that for 21 years of my life until I went into hospital for a week and when I got home on the Friday I had a puppy waiting for me

We’ve had her a year now

She’s so cute. Honestly saying i considered getting sick to adopt him.

What do they do with such dogs?

The dog was actually very scared as someone hit him hard on Thursday and he was even scared from me for a while. He was a little insecure when i went out on Sunday and when i came back, he was jumping on me. Maybe cuz of his insecurity and cuz he was afraid, he attacked the dog?

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I mean the man with the dog.

He just bit one person. He doesn’t bite anyone, still he would be taken away? I mean it isn’t his regular habit to bite people

I was in hospital for my epilepsy in the hope that I could have an operation (unfortunately that didn’t happen)


I got her upon my return and I don’t know what I’d do without her, she loves to rub out into the street and play with the kids or greet neighbors


Everytime she leaves, she always comes back to me…

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I believe if it happens numerous times the authorities will have concerns. Usually they’d send someone to come capture the dog and bring the dog to the pound to be put down, but it depends where you live.

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