Please Stop Tagging Me In Stuff

I think I speak for a lot of people here on the forums when I say that those who constantly tag dozens of random accounts in posts need to stop. I get that you’re trying to make a post reach more people, but it’s spamming and it’s not the way to do it. It’s extremely annoying to those who were tagged, honestly.

It’s 100% okay if you tagged me on:
• Posts/comments talking about me or my stories
• Posts/comments in order to recommend my stories
• Posts/comments about any type of help I’m giving the community, like my background drive, my directing guide, etc.
• Posts that ask for help with representing things I can help with, like the language I speak or the culture I’m a part of.

For other things, especially if you’re just tagging tons of people in order to expose them to threads, please don’t tag me!

I know many people here feel the same way as I do. Do you think we should do something to stop people from tagging randomly? Will creating a list of people who don’t wanna be tagged help? (probably not :slightly_frowning_face:) I’m open to ideas! Could mods maybe help too?

@Melani3 tagging you because I have no idea which mod is responsible for the forums, hope you can help!


Would it help if people put a little list in their bios of what they do and don’t want to be tagged in or just a ‘please don’t tag me in anything’? (:


I thought about this, but I’m not sure that those who spam-tag others even check their bio. I think they just pick random people without looking who they even are. After all, they tag like 30+ accounts. If they do check, it could be great, but I doubt that unfortunately. Which is also why a blacklist isn’t gonna work in my opinion :slightly_frowning_face:


If that’s the case, if u have a list in your bio…then u have permission to do something about it (i.e = talk privately so they know for future reference or something along those lines) (:

U have permission because u have taken the time to write a list and it’s not your fault that you’re getting tagged when u don’t want to be since I know some people do get annoyed with always being tagged (:


That’s true, but if many people do that, it kinda forces me to talk privately to each and every one of them, and it doesn’t guarantee that they remember (or even care) that I asked not to be tagged. I’m hoping @Melani3 or the other mods can let us know if there’s anything we can do about this, or if they’re willing to take action to prevent this from happening :slight_smile:


I’ll support u if u need any help getting the mods involved (:


Thank you! I appreciate that :blush: :hearts:


You’re welcome, I’m going to guess that this thread will blow up with people ranting about how much they hate being tagged :joy:


Ahahahaha, true, and I can’t blame them :rofl: :rofl:


True, I’m just going to put a list in my bio…I’ll return afterwards ready to read all the rants :joy:


Yes!! Ppl who want to help, will help. I generally hate being tagged in random stuff bc I feel obligated to help. I understand, it can b stressful when u have a script error or want someone to enter ur contest, but tbh it’s frustrating for all the tagged ppl bc they have more important stuff to handle. I don’t mind if Ik u or if u only tag me once but repeated tagging is annoying. And when ppl get upset when u ask for them to remove the tag, that gets a lil annoying. (Btw feature request tags r fine by me bc I’m always up for supporting the communities ideas)


I’ve nearly finished my when to and when not to tag me list :joy:

Edit = Finished :partying_face:


I get tagged in a lot of ‘art contests’ even though I havent posted any art for ages and I dont really do it anymore. But the most part is just irritating in that a) a lot of these contests are just a way for someone to get a free cover for their story. I think it’s a very cunning way to escape payment for an artists time but I can see right through it :joy:


You mean this issue arises after the Feature: Long hair for females thread? :grin:


It’s just the last straw that made me open this thread, I get tagged a lot in contests and art and feature threads and stuff and I’m just really tired of going “Ooh why are people tagging me??” and then going “Oh :expressionless::sleepy:


Yep! That bugs me more. To expect like 20 ppl to all draw u a cover so u can take ur pick w the prizebeing ‘shoutout + credit’ is not only incredibly greedy but also super disrespectful. :woman_facepalming:t3: And when they tag loads of realistic artists… y r they even surprised none of them want to enter.


I didn’t mind getting tagged in outline, cover contests etc. cuz they were few. Now? 35% of forums is all about contests, contests and contests.




BAHAHA right


This is why I don’t tag people in my posts, I know it would reach more people but it will also p*ss off a lot of people.


Yeah, I don’t like it very much either, but I’m trying not to make a big fuss about it and just let them do it.