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Continuing the discussion from CLOTHING: Tattoos:
One of the Amazing Episode members (Up top^^) wants tattoos to be added on episode for Limelight and INK and many of us would love the idea of having more tattoo options. Please support, it would be of much help :hearts::hearts::hearts: P.S. Please read her article and give it love by clicking that :heart: button


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Well, Ink is no longer updating I think. But boy, how much I would’ve loved girl tattoos in ink. Episode’s literal motto is, “If it isn’t stereotypical, it isn’t Episode.” :joy:

  • And what stereotypical girl has tattoos? This is so stupid. Having to go through the struggle of overlays… SUCKS.
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They have been adding more cloths. All we have to do is stick together and continue to insist. And they did add one tattoo for they guys, but that isn’t enough. Especially since we want to make a wide variety of people with different tattoos.

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