Please take a look at my outline


I’ve only done one outline before (my profile pic) and I don’t know why but I feel like faces hate do be drawn by me… :sweat_smile:

Or am I just being to much of a perfectionist? Please tell me what you think about this outline and if it’s worth being coloured.


It very good! I would definitely color it if I were you :slight_smile:


I’ll just tag some people whose opinions I’d appreciate:
@Days @Killerfrost @JemU776 @Chesirekitten101 @Bethany1




Wow, it’s very beautiful :heart_eyes::sunglasses::sparkling_heart:
You are seriously super talented-keep up the amazing work, it’s a pleasure to see :wink:



This is beautiful work, my twin!

I love it so so much! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Ooh! It cute! Thankyou for the tag aunt :heart:


  • I feel like you need to work ou her mouth, it looks like she has 3 lips if that makes sense lol
  • Maybe work on the nose of the guy?
  • If you are going for a cartoonish look then maybe reduse the number of lines on her hair?

That’s it! And it’s definitely worth coloring


Thank you! :blush:


Aww thanks twin!


You’re welcome and love your PFP!!


Thank you! I try to improve that :slight_smile:


The uncoloured outline looked better, but I guess I’m just a perfectionist. Thanks!


You are welcome, and I really like your outlines! My twin be blessing us with her work :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Heh truueee dat! And mom do you ever sleep?


Haha rather not, I’m not an artist, but I was bored and wanted to see what I can do. I might use it as a splash


I do haha!

I live in England btw and had a nice sleepp :joy:


Ah cool I make splashes for fun too. Tempted to make one about a doughnut lord :joy:


Doughnut lord :thinking: Great idea :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: Joanne has a dream about marrying a doughnut lord in a future episode :joy:


Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in your head. People say I’m crazy and they don’t get my way of thinking, but you can take it to a whole new level sometimes :joy: :green_heart: