:red_light: Please take this survey about action stories!

Shout out to @dizzyshadow for helping me make this survey!

I’ve made a survey centered around action stories on Episode and would really appreciate it if you took just a few minutes to share your thoughts.

This information is really helpful to community writers! Please remember that this survey specifically focuses on ACTION stories and action-heavy stories.

Action Stories on Episode

Let me know if I need to re-share the link!


Also, if you have any social media, please spread this link around. Action is one of the smaller genres on Episode, so it will take longer for responses to come in.


I just did the survey now :blob_hearts:

I LOVE action, it’s one of my fav genres! I agree that is is quite unpopular on episode, but I enjoy writing action stories a lot. I don’t think I could ever write a story in the romance genre because romance stories aren’t typically my thing (from time to time, I will read haha) BUT action has my heart :blob_hearts: I’m working on a story in the action genre rn, and ik it’s not gonna get a lot of reads, but I’m OK with that :nerd_face: I wanna write what I’m passionate about :blob_sun:


I took the survey.

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I think I found your response :nerd_face:

And I think it’s really great that you want more variety and are writing to create that variety! Even though I do like a good love story (key word being good), I’m getting a bit burnt out of them. It gets a bit dull after a while.

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I’m just bumping this so that it hopefully gets more attention- there have only been 39 responses so far and I’m hoping for at least 50.

Just finished

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Thank you so much! The survey now has 42 responses, so it’s getting closer to the goal.

Submitted! And I hope you plan to share at least a summary of the results somewhere as I’d be rather interested to see what people are looking for, too… Action deserves much more love and stories!

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Thank you so much! Yes, I plan on sharing the results once I get more responses. Unfortunately, as the Action genre (and the Action sub-genre) is relatively small, it has taken quite a while.