Please tell be how to code ui?

Hi guys!!

Could someone explain to me how to code ui??
I think it’s something to do with overlays.

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Thank you

Your welcome

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Sorry it doesn’t exactly tell me how to use them.

This is what ive got so far.

Ui to my knowledge is to pin overlays to a background and pan to different zones and they’ll be still there when you pan back

I believe to use them your code would something like:
@ui overlay OVERLAY NAME create
@ui overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in T
Of course with you shifting, scaling, and layering

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Thanks, I’ve worked it out now!!

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If you still need help, perhaps this can explain better than me


Thank you but I’ve got it now!!

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Thank you for moving it. One question: if I put a topic in the wrong place how do I move it because I know it was in the wrong place but didn’t know how to move it. Thanks!!

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