Please tell how can we make overlays?🤔

Hi! I am Victoria…
Please tell how to design our own overlays or make our own backgrounds!!
Any help will be highly appreciated n credit will be given in my stories… thanks

It depends on the types of overlays and backgrounds, what ones are you wanting to make?

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I wanna make a bedroom background with bed overlays

asking how to, already show you dont have the ability to do it.

I know that was rude sorry.

making a background depends on what kind you are doing. if you wanna draw one from the bottom. it means you need to first be an artist. and draw it

example on a drawn picture

lines because I do not want people to use it

to make an overlay you need to cut the background of the wanted overlay and save it as a png.
It need to be a png if not it will just make a white background

You can make a background using png . I have done that.

png background

you can find royalty free pngs on the internet and background, that you can use.

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Thank you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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I personally use background eraser its quick and easy.
Basically take a image (you need it in that position) then cut out everything and it turn itself in to a PNG

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Thank you

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were you talking to me?!