Please tell me episode is working on a new style aha

Is episode planning on making a new style??? I’m honestly not a fan of LL or ink but writing and reading in classic is pointless because I will never get views on my stories and all the stories that I am reading never get finished. The best thing episode could do right now is create a style that all of their fans and supporters will be able to enjoy and they will get much better ratings.


That may not happen anytime soon I guess
But yeah we can hope


Idk if there working on one since if so they would most likely slow the LL updates like they did with INk.
But it would be cool to have a more semi-realistic/ more detailed style at least in my opinion.


Yeah I 100% agree. Personally, I haven’t been interested enough to create my own story because the only way you can get a successful story is by writing in LL.


no matter what there is never gonna be support from evryone, also wanna note, many who didnt like limelight when it came out have change their mind about it. I hope limelight can run for much longer, the other styles only existed for a couple of years before been replaced.


I understand that not everybody will always be on the same page but I just find it disappointing that I have been a supporter since episode first came out as an app and all of a sudden it just feels like I can no longer contribute to this app.

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They’ve invested a lot of time and money and energy into LL, so I wouldn’t expect a new style any time soon. I don’t think they’d work on new body types or variations if they weren’t planning to stick with LL for as long as possible.