Please tell me I'm not the only one


When I am in the middle of writing a story, I feel like it is going to be so bomb, like it will be awesome, what am I even doing on Episode, I should write a real book instead. Then I save it, preview it and… Instead of bomb it’s just dumb. It’s a flop, it feels like random scenes thrown together and my dialogues are meant to be entertaining, but they just bore me to death instead. And then I can’t help but think - where is that hyper super story I was writing? :grinning:

Did this ever happened to anybody else here?


Hahaha so true! :rofl:
I’ve felt so smug and content with my idea, that I’m like: This will make the episode team beg for me to become one of their official writers.
And then when I play it, I’m like: That’s… not… how i pictured it in my head… Maybe I should just spare people the pain of reading this…


I’ve never related to a post more. I feel like I write this eloquent, intense, witty dialogue, but when I actually preview it, it seems so flat.
Same with directing. I’ll spend forever coding something I think will look really cool, but then I preview the scene and the “cool” directing bit is over in the blink of an eye.


I thought the same, but if I post my story the way it is now, they’ll probably just ban me. :laughing:


My directing doesn’t really disappoint me, since I know I’m not good at it. :no_mouth:
But I thought I write good dialogues, and it sucks to realize that I don’t.


Hahaha, well… You’re at least not the only one.
I could check out your story though, if you pm me a link.
So I could tell you if it is completely unreadable or just a bit lower than mediocre! :joy:


I’d rather not show this to anyone. :grinning:
At least not yet.


Understandable :grin: I hope it will get better though. We just have to remember to keep our heads out of the clouds until the story is finnished.


I do this a lot, but I still upload it because if people still enjoy it, you know they’re ride or die


I lowkey feel like this all the time!


This is my mood 24/7 hahaha. When I first came up with the idea for my story, I was really like “yes, this is gonna be LIT!!” but yeah, when I preview it now, it feels nothing like what I thought it’d do hahah


Mah people!

I’m never that confident about my stories but I do think I’m funny and the new update will be the best one yet, then I preview it and it’s exactly how you described it! Bunch of random scenes thrown together, weird jumps and cuts, rushed dialogues, … As if the story is not flowing, if that makes sense.


This happened to me when I first started out writing on the Episode platform. I thought my first story was bomb, and that everybody would love it. Looking back at my 2015 and 2016 mind, I realize that my first story is very crying. Of course, I loved the story idea and title when I came up with it, but I’m older now. Therefore, I have to write about new things.


Sameeeee I spend an hour directing this scene to find a massive error. After another hour I fix it only to discover my story is trash and start again :roll_eyes:


Ooof me when I released my first story. It was ass :sob::sob::sob: