Please upgrade to continue playing on this device error

I’ve been trying to log in to episode for the entire day and I can’t because it keeps saying that my app needs updating. I check google play and its fully up to date so i can’t manually update it either. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it MANY times, I’ve force stopped the app, cleared the cache and also cleared the data so I’m honestly not sure what else to do.

What do I do? I’m getting desperate

How old is your device?
I’m just asking because I can no longer read Episode on my tablet because it didn’t support the latest update.

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It is honestly getting fustrating bc I love this game and it keeps saying I need to update but I already did

It’s only two years old it was working fine literally a minute before and then I opened it again and it showed up :sob:

Yeah I’m so upset I was literally four episodes away from finishing this really interesting story

I FOUND THE ANSWER TO THE PROBLEM! I have been having the same issue for a day but I fixed I will telle yall. Go to episode.en.uptodown com then press install or dowbload same thing whatever it is then wait for it to download. A pop up will come and say MAY remive progess but it didnt for me and probably wont for you. Just press ok or continue. Then press open when done. And click install. When its dobe episode should be running again.


episode.en.uptodown.c om/andriod

HOLY SHIT IT WORKED!!! thank you oh my god you have no idea how happy I am THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <333

Holy gosh it worked ur the best… how can I saw thank you…