Please walk me through this math problem

Act like you are talking to a very stupid 2 year old who doesn’t know anything
The sum of two polynomials is 10a^2 - 8a^2b - 4ab + 2 If one addend is -5a^2b^2 + 12a^2b - 5, what is the other addend?


i’m terrible at math LMAOO i’m sorry i can’t help you out maybe try searching it up step bu step ?

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Subtract them

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I seriously don’t know My math is HORRIBLE but try adding or… don’t know I basically am useless :clown_face: can’t help with math but other subjects yeah but math…nah sorry to waste your time

I only know how to simplify it :joy: I don’t know whether it’s the answer or not :joy:
24^2b - 10

Haven’t done this in a while so um I’m gonna have to look this up but I would simplify anything you can first, probably that 5 because that looks horrendous. Then get them to a place where they have like even values sorta and subtract the 2nd line from the first

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