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Hey, everyone! Belloria/Briar here! I’m back with another graphics thread, so requests here are almost instant. In my previous thread, all pending requests were rejected, so if you still want your work, then please request here, on this new thread. This graphic shop is called “Plethora Graphics,” so it will be credited as so. If you’re interested to lend a helping hand in graphics, then please PM me.

Plethora Graphics is a graphics shop, where simplicity and elegance is the key for a beautiful cover. Plethora Graphics will serve you your cover in no time, Plethora works for your approval and satisfaction, making impossible to leave this shop, anything that is not happy.


1 | Don’t rush. Give me time to finish your graphic, as my work cannot be rushed, You have only three reminders, and after that, I’ll give up on it, so you won’t get anything.

2 | Rejects. I have the right to reject a graphic, either it be too hard, or something that takes more time and energy than the other ones.

3 | Be kind. If you’re rude, your request will be automatically rejected.

4 | Give credit. Please give credit, as I do most of the work. I make the cover, find an inspiration, and try putting it together for you. All you have to do is give credit. Simple.

5 | Don’t steal. Don’t steal the work I produce. If you’re an outsider, wanting to find some art to put it in the examples of your art group, or if you’re stealing the customer’s own request work, then sorry, buddy, you don’t belong here.

6 | No drama. Absolutely no drama in sight. If there is, you’re getting reported. Simple.Fighting here is not allowed, I’m just trying to help the communtiny.

7 | Graphic hopping. Don’t request in graphics shops before coming to mine. It’s utterly disrespectful, either for the other artists and me.

8 | Issues and questions. If you have any problems, issues, and questions about Plethora Graphics, please PM me, rather than cluttering the topic.

9 | Advertisement. Don’t advertise your group or personal thread on here. If you do, you’re getting reported, go advertise in a place where they ask you to advertise.

10 | Redos. If you’re not happy with the results of your order turned out, then say it. You have only three redos, so don’t let them go to waste.

11 | Requests. You have only three art requests. If they’re all denied, you get another one for free, but if it gets denied too, then I’m sorry, bye.

12 | Submitting. No abdominal content allowed in submitting in the form.

13 | Comments. No hate or jarring comments about anything related or unrelated to this topic.

14 | Inscribe. Please inscribe in the comments down beneath that you submitted the form for me to acknowledge your request


Wattpad Covers

Episode Covers






TO =

TO =


This background, however, has two panels (two zones).

If you have any random picture that you wish to make a background but doesn’t fit (too small or too big) then request and I’ll resize it!



Here, I made an overlay of this background:


And it turned out like this:


Request Layouts


  1. Name of author (either real or username)
  2. Type of art (small, big cover, splashes, backgrounds, overlays, etc.)
  3. Backgrounds, overlays, colors
  4. Title of book
  5. Genre (fiction, horror, thriller, etc.)
  6. Feel of the cover (joyous, sad, etc.)
  7. Placing of characters (optional)
  8. Character looks (optional)
  9. Character outfits (outfit)
  10. Any other details you would like to add
  11. Urgent time/ due date (I’ll try…)
Extra Works

The next piece of works are done by the very talented @justinesolano. She’s a new addition to Plethora Graphics, so be sure to jot down who you want to make your art.






The next piece of works are done by the very talented @Miss_Moonlight. She’s an even newer addition to Plethora Graphics, so be sure to jot down who you want to make your art, so it gets accepted.





Link to request:

This link only includes covers and splashes. If you want to request something other than that, then please request that on this thread.


  • Have no idea what your character to look like?
    Give me details you want on the character (ex: blonde hair and green eyes)
  • Want to write a detailed script but can’t find any complex adjectives, sentences, phrases, and paragraphs?
    Give me details you want on your script (ex: she’s going out with her best friend for a girl night)
  • Not sure why you received an error in your script?
    Take a screenshot and send me it as I’ll try in any way possible to help you.
  • Want a special, yet cute name for your character?

Happy writing,

I need some cover art and fast!
I need a cover/Art scenes asap! Pls help
I need a split screen HELP!
Need Someone to help me by making some covers for my story When In Paris and some edits too
I need a large cover! 💕
Wanted: Cover Creator for "She Loves Fame"
Anyone can make a cover
I need a cover creator! Anyone!
Cover Contest <3
Desperate For Artist!
Will anyone want to make me a splash? :)
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i submitted :heart:


Thank you for requesting at Plethora Graphics. We just have some protocol that you must read before you get your graphic.

If you have any questions, or issues regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach over to me, @Episode.BriarRose or @justinesolano, my friend, to submit any problems.

Plethora Guidlines

This graphic is going to be made by the artist you chose.( If the upcoming policies are broken, you will be reported, and won’t be allowed to request again anytime soon.

  • 1 | Credit. Please give credit to whoever made your art. You are not allowed to either steal, reproduce, or plagiarize this graphic in any way, One of the ways to do so (credit) is to leave a “readerMessage” that can be typed on your script with the form of:

readerMessage This art is made by @________. All credits go to her.

Or with a narrator bubble saying so, or at the end of the chapter, but the point is; give credit.

  • 2 | Redos. You have exactly three redos, so if you’re not happy with the results of your order turned out, then say it. You have only three redos, so don’t let them go to waste.

  • 3 | Credit #2. Please do not lie and say that this graphic is yours. Do not give this to anyone. Either in Episode Forums or anywhere out. Do not say that this is anyone else’s work.

  • 4 | Rushing. Give me time to finish your graphic, as my work cannot be rushed, You have only three reminders, and after that, I’ll give up on it, so you won’t get anything.

E X T R A - - -

  • 5 | Advertise. Please help advertise this thread to help the community. We all want the best for Episode Forums.
Thanks from Plethora

Thank you so much for requesting from Plethora Graphics. We hope you visit regularly. Episode Plethora Graphics is always happy to help. And remember, don’t forget to reach out for either me, or @justinesolano! Plethora wishes you a happy next trip to Episode Plethora Graphics.

From the center of Plethora,



Also, please don’t forget to submit the request on Google Forms itself. Not on PM. Here’s the link, hope you enjoy requesting! And, don’t forget to ask questions about the forms if you have any. Also, be sure to point out who you would like to make your art here on this thread. But be careful not to clutter the topic, just a pm or a small comment that would be deleted later is fine.

Thank you!


I submitted it and i dont care who makes my art!!


Ok, that’s fine. Just a question - is it okay if it comes in after a day or so? Just Episode Interactive login problems. But, is that okay with you?


Its fine!!!


Here’s un update of my art. I’ve been practicing lately lots of new techniques, and this one was one of them. Personally, I think I’ve improved A LOT with my artistic abilities the past couple of months. Tell me, what do you think?

In some way, this is also a premade — so if you would like to have this with some minor changes, then comment and you’ll get your graphic right away.

Screen Split w/ two characters on the phone?

New Wattpad Covers Updates!

I’m honestly proud of all these, so tell me — what do you think?


These are amazing! :heart: Keep up the good work!


i WILL be a regualr haha ;D


Thank you!


:joy: Haha, that’s fine! Do you need anything now?


I wish, I’m a bit stuck on a writers block D:


It’s okay. But still, if you want anything as of now, even before you start, that’s definitely fine with me.


Okay! Saved this post so I won’t forget!


Thanks! :smile:


You are welcome!


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In need of an art scene, can anyone help?


I’m free for the next hour, so if anyone wants anything, make sure you request NOW!