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Here are your banners, @Unique_911! Thank you for requesting on Plethora Graphics and thank you for visiting us!

If you have any questions, or issues regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach over to me, @Episode.BriarRose to submit any problems.

Requested Splash

Plethora Giudlines

This graphic is made by @Episode.BriarRose. If the upcoming policies are broken, you will be reported, and won’t be allowed to request again anytime soon.

  • 1 | Credit. Please give credit to me, who made your art. You are not allowed to either steal, reproduce, or plagiarize this graphic in any way, One of the ways to do so (credit) is to leave a “readerMessage” that can be typed on your script with the form of:

readerMessage This art is made by @Episode.BriarRose. All credits go to her.

Or with a narrator bubble saying so, or at the end of the chapter, but the point is; give credit.

  • 2 | Redos. You have exactly three redos, so if you’re not happy with the results of your order turned out, then say it. You have only three redos, so don’t let them go to waste.

  • 3 | Credit #2. Please do not lie and say that this graphic is yours. Do not give this to anyone. Either in Episode Forums or anywhere out. Do not say that this is yours.

E X T R A - - -

  • 4 | Advertise. Please help advertise this thread to help the community. We all want the best for Episode Forums.
Thanks from Plethora

Thank you so much for requesting from Plethora Graphics. We hope you visit regularly. Episode Plethora Graphics is always happy to help. And remember, don’t forget to reach out for either me, or @justinesolano! Plethora wishes you a happy next trip to Episode Plethora Graphics.

From the center of Plethora,






Welcome, just don’t forget to credit me.


I won’t.


Do you have an Instagram?


Yep, it’s Episode.BriarRose


Oh ok! :+1:


No problem! Thank you for responding back!


Hey! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just asking, how’s my cover doing?? :thinking:


I would love to request a few banners!


I want the cover to look like your catfish one but for

it to say missing with a black person’s hand


Okay, can you send me the details privately? There are some things that need to be discussed with the customers coming to the shop.


I’m going to delete my first post since I don’t want to get in trouble for posting on the forums if the has that requirement.


What do you mean?


Oh well some artist do not like people posting their art on the forums nowadays. I’ve seen many post about it on their google drives, and Instagram accounts I was going to delete it once it was done anyway. I just didn’t want to get in trouble for leaving the images up on the site. I would of still credited both you and the artist if you could do it. I hope that made since.


I know there’s this rule, but I really need to get the contest up soon… I was supposed to get it up two weeks ago, but was giving you time to finish the request. If you are unable to complete it, it’s fine, but please notify me so I can request somewhere else and get the contest up asap. Again, please let me know if you’re able to complete it soon or not.


Can I request a Wattpad Cover?


Can you make a background for me?


Hi… so I am so sorry for the inconveince, but I mistakingly filled out an entire request from on your closed topic (oops) it took me like an hour…so I was wondering if you still are able to see those forms? If not, I’ll just fill out another. :slight_smile: