PLL speechbubble artstyle, please

I know we can get Demi Lovato and Mean Girls speechbubble artstyles, but PLL’s is AMAZING and just perfect for some darker stories (like Matchmaker, which I really like btw), so could we please get the chance to choose that artstyle for speechbubbles? Couldn’t you, the episode team, add the option of choosing the speechbubbles artstyle when you create a story, like how we have to choose the artstyle (ink, limelight, etc.) and spotlight/cinematic? Just please?


i really wish they would. They forever making us jump through hoops to customize things. Simplify the writers portal process already LAWD. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I agree 100% !!!

I agree! I love that speechbubble style.

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