Plot Bunnies Up For Adoption

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got all these Shiny New Ideas that keep distracting you from the Current Story you’re working on. Or maybe you have an idea, but lack the drive, directing ability, or whatever to make it work. Rather than let these story ideas disappear into the ether, I thought there should be a thread where everyone can put their story ideas or plot bunnies for others to see and use; hence why I started this one.

The beauty of plot bunnies, unlike real bunnies, is that if part of the story idea doesn’t work for you, you can modify it as you see fit. Also, multiple people can adopt the same bunny. Think of it as like Iron Chef. The chefs may have to all use the same ingredient as part of their dishes, but their different personalities/skills mean that no dishes are identical. Bobby Flay’s cooking is not the same as Morimoto’s cooking.

All right, now that the long-winded intro is out of the way, I’ll present my story idea. I don’t have any suggested title/character names, so feel free to create your own.

YOU [Male MC] are the golden boy of your school and community, a shining exemplar loved and admired by everyone: captain of SCHOOL SPORTS TEAM, Straight A student, with a RICH DADDY and a HOT GIRLFRIEND. As far as everyone else knows, you are well on track to becoming valedictorian when graduation rolls around in the spring and can look forward to being able to pick and choose between the best Ivy League schools.

SHE [Female MC] is the awkward trailer trash weirdo, whose family is made up of mostly delinquents or trailer trash, who hides in the library, keeps her head down and her mouth shut, and as far as everyone’s concerned, will either wind up in jail or never escape the trailer park.

Last year, when you were both juniors, YOU and HER stumbled onto each other by chance on the Internet and strike up a friendship, based on a shared love of an alternative indie rock band, INSERT BAND NAME, and a love of a sci-fi fantasy epic, SHOW NAME. Initially, you just trade fanart and fanfiction and discuss theories related to your favorite band/show, but eventually, you discover you have something else in common: you both want to die.

Neither one of you will give an exact reason, but both of you are afraid of wussing out when it comes to suicide and make a pact to do it together. Yet when you get together on the agreed-upon day, neither of you can go through with it. You argue for a bit about it, try several shots of liquid courage to help you work up the nerve, but wind up having a one-night stand. The next morning, you two part ways and hardly talk to each other.

YOU stay with your girlfriend, keeping all this secret from her, and spend the summer at a training camp, generally trying to move on and forget about everything, and after a while, YOU manage to convince yourself that the one-night stand didn’t happen and the tangled emotions before and after it, don’t mean anything. After all, YOU are the golden boy; what do you have to be angry and depressed about?

However, when you return to school for your senior year, YOU find out that SHE is pregnant (think starting to show, the second trimester). If anyone finds out about this, DAD will be furious and possibly cut you off, HOT GIRLFRIEND would dump you, and your reputation as the golden boy would forever be in tatters. Despite all this, YOU still want to do what you can for the mother-to-be, because your mother raised a gentleman and YOU want to take some responsibility for your actions.

The trouble is SHE won’t talk to you. If YOU and HER want to have any shot at doing right by BABY, both of you need to figure out why you wanted to die that night and ultimately, why you didn’t (it wasn’t just a wuss-out).

Anyone who adopts this story idea, can do what they like with it. MALE MC and FEMALE MC can wind up together or break up but remain close friends after everything they went together. FEMALE MC can opt to put BABY up for adoption or opt to keep BABY. If SHE keeps BABY that doesn’t necessarily mean the two have to be a couple.

My one caveat is whatever you do, don’t make HOT GIRLFRIEND a total stereotypical mean girl bitch. You can have her upset over finding out what her boyfriend has been up to (which she is justified in being) and have her react badly as a result, but I am tired of psycho mean girls. Maybe HOT GIRLFRIEND and MALE MC break up or stay together, but again, she’s not a crazy psycho. Also, give her an identity outside of being pretty, like maybe she’s a gifted athlete herself or involved with drama club or any number of things. As always, feel free to insert whatever choices you deem appropriate or will add to the storyline.

Anyway, here’s my Plot Bunny. Feel free to post your own.