Plot feedback partner? i think?


im procrastinating

And also looking for a partner. Not a partner-partner, just someone I can get plot feedback from. I’ve already got everything I need to start except a title, so I’d like to talk someone through the plot and get their opinions etc.

Pm me, or I can pm you if you reply to this topic

Hey! Could you clarify what you need? I’m looking to code for someone. Is there anything like that you need me to do? :upside_down_face:

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Nope, sorry.

I’m perfectly fine at coding, I was just looking for some feedback on my plot.

hiii !
ill be perfectly happy to help. i’m writing a story of my own and love reading what others creativity have to offer. shoot me a private message and we can talk from there <3

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Alright! I wish you luck :blush:!

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Yh sure