Plot help anyone please!

The story is called Playing Princesa. Basically a princess from a country/island called La Isla Encantada wants “you” to help her rule the country. The first episode is all about the MC (you) meeting the princess in a casual way and then her wanting you to go back and help her rule the country, I’m on the part where you are in princess training. Learning Spanish (the native language of the island) and learning overall how to act and look like a princess… but after that I don’t know how I should make them fall in love and end up never wanting to leave each other’s sides. And I really want them to get married and live happily ever after. Just like the fairy tales I’d read when I was little. Help me?


Is genre LGBT+


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I just don’t know how to make it flow you know what I mean?

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just an idea.
Say You the MC is openly gay and the princess is still in the closet because of some rule in the kingdom that forbids princesses being gay. So the MC not only helps her with her princess duties but also with her sexuality and that is how they’ll fall in-love.
add some obstacles on the way.

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That sounds great, because I have this scene where the princesses mom is mad because she brought the MC into the kingdom lol

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Thanks, just tryin to help.

Thank you!

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Can I have your instagram handle so I can see the sneak peaks

Sure it’s carynj.epi

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