Plot idea needed - characters in description

Hey everyone!
I am in need of a story plot cause i obviously can’t do it myself lol…
I will put in characters i have in mind for my story but i don’t know what to write about.
If you want i will credit you for your ideas.


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Do you have a genre in mind? If so, PM me I can help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Are you thinking along the lines of YA or teen fiction? Just assuming because the characters all appear to be in highschool

Ellie and her friends hacked into a major company’s illegal information. Now, they’re recruited to work as secret government hackers for the “world’s protection”. But at what cost?

Hackers Are Us
Hackers Hideaway
High School Hackers
I just went with a high school hacker story because of Ellie’s computing lol.
Good luck with whatever plot you choose!

I have a few ideas in mind, PM me. Also, I use that website for my charaters all the time.

In one of mine, it said my character was addicted to coffee, and he’d been let go from his job, as if it was an alcohol problem. The same thing with another one, but insted it was chocolate…