Plot ideas for My Story Please

Hey y’all! i would love to hear y’all plot ideas for my story
Here is how it goes: You (Mc) and Her Mom and little sister live in a very small Town, life has always been hard for your family especially when your mom has been battling with cancer for years with no Money or support from Your Other family members (if you still have them). you decided to drop out of school to help take care of your mom and her financial issues by working 2 Jobs. Your Mom got more sick and was on the final stage of cancer and passed away.

So Basically She had to live with Her Rich Dad which means living with her Step siblings Boy and a girl (she had to continue Highschool)

(Please Please Don’t steal the story idea i worked really hard trying to Make a Non-cliche highschool story)

HELP! Does it sound too cliche Or?
(i have almost 59 characters in the story by the way) (Don’t worry the Step sister is gonna be really Nice and the stepmom too but the stepmom has a dark secret) :zipper_mouth_face:

Sorry if i didn’t Explain it better.


Love, (Her Step sister’s boyfriend Lowkey Likes her but he also has the ''I don’t care attitude) and Her StepBrother’s friend Also likes her (he’s a flirt But very chill) I also wanna do revenge But I’m not Sure what Revenge she’s getting :sob: (sorry if what i said isn’t irrelevant to your question) :skull:

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Sorry, I am just going to bust in. :crazy_face: It’s too easy if her step sister wants revenge, because of jealousy and it’s too cliche. But maybe something unexpected like her stepbrother got a crush on his best friend who likes the MC. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Oh no Her step sister is really Nice but can be shady Sometimes with backhand compliments basically Like regina george LMAO and her stepbrother has a girlfriend idk lol


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