Plot ideas needed


Hey guys, I want to work on a new story but I have no idea what I want it to be about. Is there anything that you guys would like to read?


Any genre you’re leaning toward?




I’m looking for an action story idea too :persevere:


Gonna try to think of one or two ideas real quick! :slight_smile:


You’re a life saver


I didn’t think it would have been so hard


I’ll think of a few, but I think this should be in the other resources section, as this thread isn’t really related to art? You may want to move it.


Which one would I move it to?


Maybe you should let the MC get lost in the forest? And the story goes from there…


Maybe episode fan community? Or just creators corner? Maybe ask @Ryan or @Jeremy.


Action/Adventure story ideas:

  • Being raised in a superhero family comes with big responsibility, even when you’re the only one without powers, but when their evil nemesis shows up and threatens to destroy the town, your family realizes they can’t take on him on their own. Will you give up your normal life to join them in saving the city or deny their offer and watch them struggle against their powerful enemy?
  • After a busy spring at your job, your three closest friends notice how stressed you’ve been and decide to take you on a vacation overseas to London for the summer. You land near midnight to find only one available taxi outside the airport meaning you have no choice but to take it. A while into the ride, you begin to realize that the driver is going the complete opposite way to your hotel - and it quickly comes to your realization that you are being kidnapped. How far will you go to escape? Will you even find a way out?
  • When you were thirteen, your father sat you down to tell you why your mother hasn’t been around since you were born. He finally reveals she was shot and killed on her way home from work months after your birth. Years later as an adult, you find yourself unable to stop thinking about her. You decide to look into her case and begin to find clues and after weeks of research, come to the conclusion that she may still be alive. Though your father thinks you’ve gone crazy, you pack your bags and embark on a journey you know will be difficult, but will all be worth it when you find her.

These are so random but I tried so hard lol. Feel free to use any of these ideas and switch things up. Also, yeah ^ I think this topic doesn’t belong in this category. @Toriblack @Adrnnna


So these plots are kind of more of a fantasy/action plot, but here they are…

  1. Shapeshifters
    In this world, shapeshifters are hated “barbarians” who are hunted and usually killed. When you find out your missing father was one, and you inherited that gene, you run away, finding others like yourself.

  2. War of power
    The 5 elemental kingdoms are at war. Thousands die daily. When you receive a prophecy by dream, are you able to find the other four children from the foreign kingdoms and save the lands?


Okay a simple one!


Being blind isn’t easy, especially when you’re in high school. How will you handle all the lies, drama and bullies?


Wow those are amazing thank you!


No problem!


Thank you i might definitely use the last one!


You’re welcome!