Plot ideas? The MC becomes a model

I need some help with my plot on a story I’m going to call “Kingdom of Modelling”. The ideas I had just seem to create plotholes in the story. I have the basic story plot, but I need to be able to get somewhere with the story. If you have any ideas I’d be grateful (I’ll make sure to credit you if you’d like). I’ll leave the basic story information behind the arrow. :yay:

My plot so far

The MC is pursuing a modelling career. She gets invited to a fashion show in Milan. Here is the part I am unsure about. What could I possibly put here? What/which event(s) would be interesting for a reader? Thank you for any help :blob_hearts:

There is a lot you can do with this plot. Maybe look at articles that detail how modeling shows work and mirror the work ethic/culture of shows. Is she rising to fame? Does she meet a lover? Does she get in an accident and doesn’t know who she is and now she’s lost in Milan? All of these would be interesting plots.


Personally, I’d make it a short story as that would be a lot better in the long run as modelling stories are quite limited. You could make it a drama and include issues in the modelling industry and include comedic elements. Like you could do one super cliche, blonde model who is stupid or whatever (make it obvious you’re taking the piss) and give her a deep, sad background - just a background character idea. When in Milan, she can meet modelling team and you can create a plot based on her work life with editors, photographers, outfit designer, etc and do smth like brooklyn 99. You could do so that the MC doesn’t actually want to model and is a bit of a tom boy and her journey on finding a different job just to realise she actually likes modelling. You could have the LI be a photographer - when they first meet at work, neither of them realise they are gonna be working with each other.
Anyways, these are just ideas that came to mind :slight_smile:

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The title suggests that the story will focus on what happens behind the curtains in the world of modeling. “Kingdom” indicates that there is a hierarchy. So perhaps she could meet corrupt senior models and other members of the staff that work mainly through favoritism and discrimination. They could welcome her in their group and upon facing isolation from her peers she realizes how wrong it is; or she could be the one prevented from advancing in her career. Idk, but whatever you choose to do, I wanted to let you know that if you need help with the city of Milan as a setting, the culture, etc. you can ask me since I live here!


This one is the best plot idea.


Definitely some interesting ideas there, thank you! :blob_hearts:

I love the idea of the comedic elements! :yay:

Thank you, that is a great perspective to put the story in, I’ve never thought about it before! Thank you! :tulip:

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