Plot Line Help?


Hi! So I’m creating a story about two sisters who move to New York together in their own apartment, they both make a bet, whoever finds the best boyfriend gets to run the house. They do this, but end up dating the same man. While they are fighting over who belongs with him, they are unaware of what’s really going on behind the scenes. (Romance/Thriller)

I’m not sure how I should do it though?


Like, what do you need? The process?



Ep. 1- Shipped to NYC

  • The girls are a pair of no good, but loving twins? TWIN1 is 5 minutes older than TWIN2, so TWIN1 always uses the info to her advantages. TWIN2 finds it unfair, so to even up, she pulls pranks that usually get them in to trouble.

  • They get into the same University, and even get the same scholarship, but inside, TWIN1 feels like she always has to be a model, and TWIN2 is the model everyone likes better, but copies exactly what TWIN1 does.

  • TWIN1 gets so mad at University one day, that she decides to steal TWIN2’s identity and ruin TWIN2’s future.

  • Both TWIN1 and TWIN2 get expelled.

  • They are sentenced to community services in NYC for at max., two years.

  • Their mom gives them $100, a weeks supply of food and juice/water, and a dingy apartment.

-Build it from there?