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Hey guys!
I’m gonna hope I tagged this right but I have no idea honestly :sweat_smile:
I’m on episode 24 of my story currently and I have had strong running questions throughout, things that I get fan mail about - people begging to get a hint, to know.
I just wanted to know what your opinions on plot twists were really.
I recently had an idea as an answer for one of these ‘big’ questions, but it is a huge and I mean huge plot twist.
Completely throwing off everything you thought before, causing you to question things you didn’t before.
Do you love them? Or do you hate them?


Personally as long as it fits the story/plotline and makes sense to what has happened in the past (not too farfetched), they are absolutely amazing. I personally love plot twists as it really makes you think more about the story and really engages the reader. Not to mention it makes your story memorable, the bigger and least expecting plot twist, the more likely you are to remember it :slight_smile:


I agree with @AllieM I think as long as the plot twist makes sense for the story and isn’t too far fetched then it’s amazing! But if there’s a plot twist that is clearly just there for the sake of shocking the readers and is unrealistic and annoying because it doesn’t fit with the story then it’ll really put me off.


I totally agree!
I don’t believe this is too far fetched…
My main character’s stability varies (stability in the sense of mentality) throughout my story, yet currently you still believe everything she says (as most of the story is narrated by her bar a few parts)… I feel like I’m going to change that ahaha
Thanks for the opinions :slight_smile:


Omg, she becomes an unreliable narrator but you don’t know it? I’ve had a similar idea in the past but never had a story to fit it to, nor the guts to do it but that sounds amazing! What’s the story called? …Although I guess I now have a spoiler…?


I LOVE plot twists!!
Honestly, plot twists are kind of what make reading stories fun and worthwhile for me. If there are no plot twists and a story is overly predictable, what’s the point of even reading it?
As long as you make sure it’s not too complicated or hard to comprehend, I think it should be good. Keep in mind your audience and what they would understand vs what they wouldn’t understand. Good luck! :))


@CordeliaM Oh gosh I feel the pressure now :joy:
My story is called ‘Chiara’ and honestly? In the grand scheme of things, thats quite a small spoiler - and I made sure not to give much away :wink:
Why not message me on instagram? Sounds like we think quite similarly ahah


I love Plot Twists! As long as it isn’t too far-fetched.


That sounds cool.
I wouldn’t be mad about it, but some peeps will get mad at anything.


Heyyy :slight_smile:


@Cricket_Master I totally understand what you mean! People were up in arms when I changed what eye shape one of the characters had :joy:


As long as the twist isn’t a huge, absolutely cliché one like the dreadful “it was all a dream”, then I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, make sure it doesn’t break the story too much, find a place where it does fit nicely, and it’ll be perfect!


I absolutely hate the ‘it was all a dream’ rubbish :joy:
Nah I wouldn’t say this is clichè… I hope.
I haven’t heard of it happening in any other story :thinking:


I used the dream scenario mockingly, it pays off aha.



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