Plot twists, cliff hangers and overly dramatic music



I’ve read so many stories that over use cliff hangers and the constant droning of “dramatic” music makes me quite the app faster than ever. With the never ending trend of bad boys and borderline abuse, and “pregnant by (insert ludicrous and inappropriate male character)”, what do you think makes a good story, and what absolutely ruins it?


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Cliff hangers are great, but if the story is actually interesting because the whole point of cliff hangers is to make people can’t wait to read more, and when the story is boring it just makes it really annoying.
I used to obsess over cliff hangers in tv shows (I was way too over dramatic) and then I joined Episode and saw how people treat cliff hangers :expressionless: some people go way (way way way way) too far with stupid stories and cliff hanger and they treat those like the authors are some kind of gods and they can’t live without those things, so that kinda ruins cliff hangers on Episode.

I hate cliches where everything is so damn obvious and completely unrealistic, in a different way than a story should be, and in a bad way.

I love good directing and an original plot, and when a story has completely unexpected twists and things hidden in it that later you either figure it out or not, but it is just so damn fun to read!

And mostly when people share their own creative stories from different perspectives that it’s amazingly fun to read!


I love a good backing track to the stories I read. But man, this one time I was enjoying this story and I got to chapter 20 or so, and then I kid you not, the same song played through out the ENTIRE 5 EPISODES after a “tragic” event happened. I never want to hear ‘sadpianoprogression’ ever again in any story, ever :upside_down_face:

There are a couple stories that I absolutely love and their authors have just dropped off the face of the earth and honestly, I am heartbroken :cold_sweat:


I dislike paragraph after paragraph of backstory and exposition. If you’re going to tell a story, I want to experience it, not have to read through an entire essay of why character x is sad because of how they were tragically bullied as a wee little child.


Haha, this is so true! I felt so annoyed for a long time of the many overused sounds I read every story on mute for like a half year. Now I know there are authors who do a really great job with using music and sound, but I still find very poor ways of using them. Earlier I didn’t add any sounds to my stories but recently I started to because I realized they can be used in a funny way as well :slightly_smiling_face:

I like cliffhangers that are “real”, I mean not the ‘someone is standing at the door who is either the MC’s best friend, mother or the postman.’ Actually every cliffhanger with someone standing at the door makes me feel like: oh come on…


Sorry for laughing at your pain, but that’s pretty funny :joy:

I hate it when music goes on for too long, but I also hate it when it changes too frequently! If your scenes are long, I understand changing the music every scene, but if you have a slew of scenes that are only 30 seconds each and you change the music EVERY TIME it starts to get a little jarring.

Also, when authors use a “stinger” track but instead of playing it as a sound, they set it as music and it just keeps repeating…
One time I sat through 3 scenes of “dun dun dun! …dun dun dun! …dun dun dun!” before the author changed the music and it finally disappeared :joy:


I feel you on the cliffhangers. It’s a good way to keep people reading, and even professional authors use them at the end of a chapter in full novels. Often a chapter or an “act” ends with a disaster and then the next chapter is about the characters’ reaction and feelings to the event, so it’s not just an Episode or serial-style story specific technique.

That said, I don’t like dumb cliffhangers like you mentioned, and I don’t like too many fake cliffhangers. If you can’t think of a good one, don’t force them… I saw the worst one ever the other day, where in the previous chapter, the MC got called away from a party by someone who said it was urgent …
And then in the next week’s chapter you find out they literally just needed help with laundry :woman_facepalming:
JUST, WHY? If you insist on ending with a cliffhanger every chapter, then plan your story better so you don’t have to come up with half-assed ones like that…


:joy: I bet you were amazed you had to wait a whole week to find out the big deal was about the laundry :smile: I agree, if you can’t make a point with a cliffhanger, then don’t force it.


Me: Wow, this story is actually getting interesting, what could this guy possibly want with me?!
Him: mY laUNDRY!


“the postman” HAHa classic


One story I read ended in a cliffhanger at EVERy chapter and it was the same cliffhanger every time! always to do with the MC’s love interest, always to do with whether or not he was TrULy In lOvE with the MC

I would’ve chucked my phone across the room oh my grapes


Well I enjoy cliffhanger. They enable the readers to be curious and read the next chapter. And music adds to the emotion if the story. It enhance story experience. Plot twists are also amazing.


In my opinion cliffhangers increase the reader’s curiousity like Man what is going to happen next?Is she trapped?Will she get out?etc etc making the reader’s mind buzz with different thoughts.Music is must, if a story doesn’t contains music it decreases the chances of me atleast to read it.Also music increase the effect in the story,like sad music increases the emotional effect while action music gives the story a fast effect.


I play with Episode on mute,


I enjoy cliffhangers because they want me to read the story more rather than no cliffhangers
Cliffhangers make me say “wait? whats gonna happen!” Which makes me eager to read the story.
I love sounds in episode because they give you a more dramatic effect which I like
I only hate the stories that take too long to update!
If you wait three months or a few weeks they should’ve given us 3 or more episodes rather than giving us only one.
It makes me not want to read the story


I like good cliffhangers, but I agree with some posters here who said that they would not like a cliffhanger, if we were meant to wait 2 months for the next chapter. I do not feel a cliffhanger is necessarily in every chapter. I would not want to feel that I would have to put a cliffhanger in and then people are not happy with it because they think its not a good or true cliffhanger. Cliffhangers are good and you can have them in several but not all chapters. I find it may be a bit more difficult to have a cliffhanger in the first introductory chapter.

I don’t mind the sounds and music. I’m used to it. Although if it got very repetitive, I would just put the sound on mute if it bothered me.



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