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hey all! I am currently creating a story, I have the general plot down and kind of what is going to go on in the story, but I was wondering if any of you guys have any other plot twist ideas to this.
So far, I have this:
When you have been shoved into the life of the rich and famous, what could possibly go wrong? Especially when you’re falling in love with the world’s richest man’s daughter/son?
Also, this is a romance/drama story so any plot twists should relate to that genre.
Thank you!


Maybe the LI is only using the MC for their status, but later on, it turns out that the father made the LI do that because they have family history? I dunno, just thought of that off the top of my head.

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hmm thanks! I’ll consider that.

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What if the rich guys home life isn’t as good as he makes out, his parents treat him like a slave or something to that?

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I have a plot twist in both of mine, I can think of some, how about
she wakes up and its all a dream?
maybe the rich mans fell in love with the LL mum once when she was young and they could never find each other? and that brings them together
the daughter or son is not really there son or daughter they was kidnapped as a baby by the LL father to make up for there real child going missing, and there real child is the MC?

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