Plot Twists - Your Thoughts?

This is a thread about plot twists not only to help me but others. So what I want to know is… What are some over done plot twists? What are some plot twists you LOVE? And what are some plot twists you wish would happen or happen more often?


Not a fan of:

  • the “surprise, I’m pregnant” plot twist
  • the “surprise, I’m a gang leader” plot twist

Like and want to see more of:

  • the “surprise, we’re related” plot twist (provided the characters haven’t had “relations” though)
  • the “surprise, you thought I had died but I’m still alive” plot twist

Yeah I’m not a fan of those plot twists either, especially the gang leader one. I would think the I’m pregnant thing would only work if they were actually trying to have a family or something. But then again it’s not really a plot twist if it’s planned :joy:


Plot twists I love:

  • Surprise! I’m the villain! plot twist
    someone who was so innocent throughout the whole thing, or, barely mentioned, turns out to be the villain

I mean, as long as it’s not overdone, and we never see it coming, then, I love this plot twist!


I agree!

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I forgot to add this on, but I hate the plot twists that are already in the description, and the author still acts like it’s a plot twist… It kinda ruins it a little for me…


Oh yeah! Like when they say “Things are heating up and you’re nearly at the end, who is the killer? What will you do when you find out it’s Tony?” Like Boy! I’ll stop reading the story! You just ruined it for me!


Lol, especially when it’s the biggest plot twist.

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YESSSS! Agreed!

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Or, “You have been trying to find your parent’s killer for years. The police say it was an “accident”, but you know it wasn’t. What will happen when you find out that the murderer was your sister?”

Like, I’m fine if the story is about their life, after the murderer, and dealing with the sister, but if the story just plays out like normally and then you find out that the sister did it and the author is like:

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Oh my god! YES! I purposely stay away from these stories!


I mean it’s okay to tease like: “You have been trying to find your parent’s killer for years. The police say it was an “accident”, but you know it wasn’t. What will happen when you find out that the murderer is someone you know?” But only if it isn’t blatantly obvious who it is

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I also don’t like stories where the plot twist is obvious…

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I think that’s because I like being caught completely off guard… :sweat_smile:


Mmmmm Yeah. Like the “there is a spy in the mafia! Who could it be? They keep leaking your conversations to the enemy” And everytime you have a conversation there is this one guy always in the back that has nothing to do with the scene

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Or there’s this person following you the whole time and then PLOT TWIST they are secretly your stalker!

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WOAH! Never would have thought!

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I think that, to get a good plot twist, you have to direct your audience in a different direction, like they’re looking the other way, when the plot twist comes and catches them off guard… But it is nice to give hints, to keep the reader guessing, but not obvious hints…
This thread is useful, I’m writing a story and I planned it out, it has a bunch of plot twists!


Yeah, I think my biggest advice from my perspective if you’re writing plot twists. If you give them obvious hints, it’s not a plot twist, so don’t make it one!

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I like plot twists that make me go ‘wtf? How could this be? WHAT?!’

‘Plot twists’ I don’t like:

  • MC’s water breaks OMG I’M PREGNANT, SHOCKER! I just thought I was getting fat!

  • When the description goes: Mysterious murders are happening all over town. What do you do when you find out the killer is your mother and she’s doing it because < insert reason here >?!

  • MC sees boyfriend walking around with muscular guys with tattoos wearing all black armed with guns. It’s somehow a surprise that the boyfriend is a gang/mafia leader.