Plot Twists - Your Thoughts?

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What about surprise it was my evil twin all along?


I don’t like it when the plot twists are really unbelievable or unexpected. Don’t add them just for the sake of them. I’ve got a lot of plot twists in my upcoming story, but there’s a lot of build up and hints leading to it; if a story just pulls it out of the blue (I know its a plot twist but sometimes I’ve read episodes and just thought really? That’s how you’re making the story interesting?)

I also hate plot twists that are like “surprise, we’re related! Now there’s a love triangle between the mc and two brothers (or worse between the mc, brother and his dad).”


You’d know all about that :roll_eyes:

Your name!!??


I’m dying to add a twin plot twist to my story now :joy:

I’ve now morphed fully and shedded my username I’ve had for the last four years!


I love plot twists in general, but especially the plot twists like “[character we very visibly see and interact with throughout the story] has been dead this whole time” (whether they’re a ghost, otherwise undead, or an imposter, this is a great twist) or “[character close to the main character] is either the main villain or working for them” as long as they aren’t obvious beforehand. Foreshadowed, sure, but in a subtle way that makes you think “why didn’t I see that coming?” after you reread the story. I also like when characters who we assume to be dead suddenly show up, fully alive, or when something that normally goes well in stories ends badly for the characters. Decoy protagonists can also be fun when done well, where a story starts out with it seeming like one character will be the main character, then the author kills them off or turns them into an antagonist before switching the focus to the real main character.

Twists like “it was all a dream” or, similar (but more eyeroll-inducing if you know how hallucinations work) “it was all a hallucination” are supremely disappointing and I’d like to never see them again. Let us have this magical world where fantastical and sometimes horrifying things happen, you killjoys. The same goes for plot twists where it turns out a villain’s motivation is one simple thing or something that can’t plausibly serve as a single cause for all the conflict they’ve caused. Don’t give us plot twists if they’re just going to be a substitute for complex, interesting motives.


Overdone plot twists… Ever read “My Episode Lover”? :roll_eyes:
Also the old “Surprise you’re a fairy princess mermaid and you need to save the kingdom from that new terrible leader who’s terrorizing the land.”
Plot twists I LOVE…
-Something bad happens to the love interest or any other favourite character
-A new villain is revealed
-When you think the villain’s obvious but then something happens so there’s no way the villain can be that person but THEN it IS that person
-The beloved main character has to choose between other beloved characters

P.S. Has anyone read The Sword of Truth series? Because Terry Goodkind is the KING of plot twists like goddamn…


I haven’t read that series, but I guess the author must use the…
…Goodkind of plot twists.


I’m not a fan of plot twists that aren’t real plot twists, if that makes sense. Something you kinda saw coming, or they foreshadowed several times throughout the story. Sometimes a plot twist doesn’t really fit the story, or the writer didn’t structure their plot around it from the very beginning so it comes off forced, and unfitting, in those cases your story is probably better off without it.

Here’s a good article on how to write a successful plot twist :slight_smile:

There’s a ton more on google, so search away!


Honestly I’ve never read that episode but I’m kinda curious as to how it has so many reads. What is it about? Because the synopsis doesn’t really say much.

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Oh. My god. :joy:


It’s been a while since I’ve read it but if I remember correctly, you’re an episode writer and meet a mysterious person on the forums. There’s also this smoking hot guy at your school (which you customized) who you’re falling for. But you’re also falling for the guy you’re talking to on the forums who’s now helping you with your story. What a dilemma! It’s such a shocking plot twist when you find out they’re the same person :unamused:

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I hate a plot twist

I prefer the story to be the same the whole way through but have little cliffhangers every now and again

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Completely agree!! No spoilers if you choose to read my story The New Age (shameless self-promo) But in my story I’m not going to sugar coat things and Yay everyone who people liked lived! Like come on… unrealistic… But then again when has an episode story ever been realistic

:open_mouth: so she falls for the guy who’s helping her write her story? that’s it?

Forty million reads+ for… that.

Baffled isn’t even the right word.


I stopped reading pretty quickly… The popular stories on this app are ridiculous.

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Agreed! THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! Also, may I add, why does the mc have to fall in love. Like is it impossible to be single and okay with that? Also where are all these hot guys coming from! Geez!


Word! Why can’t the MC just have some fun and mess around with guys/girls? And what are the chances of ending up with the hottest guy around?

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Honestly I’ve accepted the fact that the romance genre will always dominate, and most stories will have some romance in them. But what I won’t accept is how the MC has to always end up pregnant. It truly irritates me to my core.


YES! So yeah I get it, love is a great element to add into a story, heck! Even I have that element in my story (however it’s like a choice thing, don’t worry), but it’s only a good element when done correctly. If you are going to have it cliche and have the average girl end up with the hot guy then get pregnant, don’t expect people to be thrilled to see your story or think it’s original! Boiii does this look like twilight to you? Na uh! If you are going to write a romance story that is fine just keep in mind logistics. A girl who is a nerd and is actually pretty average looking is not going to end up going out with the hottest guy in the school, a girl who is a virgin is not going to get pregnant the first time unless they do it unprotected, and there aren’t 100s of 1000s of cool smoker teens who wear leather jackets.

Also since when was smoking cool, no shade if you smoke or whatever but it isn’t something people generally see and go WOW That’s looks so cool! I mean there are a few people, but generally, when I see someone smoking I think oh shoot! I’m going to start choking on cigarette smoke as I pass this guy/girl! they are ruining their health! But if you smoke okay whatever you wanna do man/woman/four gendered mongoose (I’m not assuming your gender)