Pls give me answers. I’m so confused

I have some VERY reasonable and important questions.
How exactly do you hold a coffee cup and drink it while it is an overlay and it still moves with the animation?

How do you hold a gun and make it stay in your hand while your hand is moving in a non-gun animation?

How do you swaddle a baby if it’s an overlay?

Is there an animation including the overlay and one that doesn’t include it?



use a prop

The gun will stay in the characters hand unless you remove it

Coffee Cup To Go
Gun Pistol Black
Baby Swaddle Black Blanket (there’s a lot more in the portal)

the prop will be stuck to the character’s hand no matter what animation you do, unless you remove it

Thank you!
You are a life saver!

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aww no problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ok, I get it now

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Sorry to disturb but I went to my art catalog and went to animation and then to holds prop but the gun or cup or baby isn’t showing
Tell me what I’m doing wrong!

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It’s not in the art catalog. When you’re trying to code your script, there’s a category for props on the right side.

you have to add it to your script lmao, use
and when you’re done,

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Oh, thank you but now I feel

Thank you!
How many times will you save my life today?Jeez!!

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i’ll keep saving it until it doesn’t need saving- :pleading_face:

Awww, thank you!

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