Pls help a noob with overlays!

Okay so, I’m totally new to episode, so HELLO!

Anyway, I am having overlay difficulties. First off, I have this scene where my main character goes to book a flight and the receptionist is behind the desk which is intended, but I want my girl to be in front of the desk, but I don’t know how D:

Second, I have this overlay with a plane window, my girl looking out of it, but as you can see, the window is in front of my girl.

Can you help out a total noob? <3

The first pictuer you need to do
@overlay overlays name moves to layer -1
@character moves to layer 1 and shell be in front.

The overlay needs to be at layer 0
It needs to be &character moves to layer 1

For the first picture or second?

Just like what @Bethany1 said, you’ll need to add in your script the layer of the overlay (HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers) otherwise if you don’t automatically everything is in the same layer, so make sure before the scene starts the character is already in the layer above the desk overlay. In other words, the Receptionist should be at the lowest layer EX. layer 0 the overlay at one higher EX. layer 1 and the character the highest EX. layer 2, remember the higher the more in front it is of everything in the scene. The link above shows you to a really amazing topic like that shows you how to in-depth use the layering code. Hope it kinda helped if you need more help I’m more than happy to help.

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Thank you! I think I made it work. Thank you so much!

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Also for the plane overlay, you put the window overlay at layer 3 and the character at layer 1 meaning that the window will be in-front of her not behind, so you’ll just have to swap around those two.

No problem!

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