Pls HELP can’t remember story’s name

Hey there! I am searching for a story I haven’t read a while ago. It’s about this girl I think she has like light blond/ strawberry blond hair and she runs into this mafia boss. Then she’s forced to live at his place an he acts like an idiot a first but then she falls for im later. And at some point in the story it’s revealed that one of the gang members is her brother and her families is involved with the mafia too. They also found out that their parents were besties and their smothers always talked about them getting married.

Pls help

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I know which story you mean!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
It’s my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

It’s called The Empire by Chantelle Hailey (@chan_writes her Insta), am I right or am I right?
The main CC is called Akila, her brother - Scar and LI Lion.

She revamped it and now is still continuing.

OMG THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE AN ANGLE!! It really was one of the best I hav ever read

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Hehe :wink: You’re welcome!!
I’m re reading it the third time already!

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I am looking for an ink story by the author Vienna (vrepisode on insta) who wrote Sweetest Mistake… she had a story I can’t find in the app anymore where the MC was called Peaches by her boyfriend. Can someone tell ne the title? This dates back several years

Unfortunately A LOT of INK stories are deleted as Episode is planning to get rid of it. They are not even updating clothes anymore for INK.
The author may have deleted it. :frowning:

Sweetest Mistake is the only story I see by this author on their profile. If they have any others it’s probably archived