Pls help me find her

I created this account solely for the purpose of finding this story. I have searched the web for hours with every buzz word i could think of relating to it and I have come up with absolutely nothing. It’s like it was all in my head. Please help me find this story, I beg.

Some years ago, my friend and I started a story together and what started as a silly pass time transformed into something incredible that brought so much joy to our lives and so much laughter. I have tried in vain to find even an inkling of it’s existence. So here’s what I remember, so that (I hope) you good people might help me find something in reference to it, or even the author herself.

I know for a fact that it was called “Zombies are hot?”. The title itself and the question mark on the end is what really drew us in. The plot was, roughly, about a man (zombie) who kidnaps a girl (can’t remember why) and imprisons her under the guise that he is going to turn her into a zombie as well. Eventually, like these stories do, they fall in love and other messiness ensues to make sure they can’t stay happy. He has a sister (i think) who lives with them and a few other people and I think they were random supernatural creatures as well. And there was a child born in the midst of the story somewhere (i think it was the sister’s). As you can tell I don’t remember too much of the plot… It was quite a whirlwind and I don’t believe the story was ever finished.

I know at some point I did follow the author on Instagram. She was very involved with her audience and was constantly putting up new stories. I think one time she wanted to even change the name “Zombies are hot?”, so maybe that’s why I can’t find it. She even had artwork made for her stories. I can’t seem to find her Instagram or artwork for any of these however. I don’t know how those things can just disappear from the internet but here we are…

Her writing style was also very bold and sometimes vulgar. She always had warnings at the beginning of her stories and at some point I think she may have been banned or something of the sort for it. I have screenshots from back in the day of some of the writing like, “Oh I almost forgot about him… cheating Shrek ogre btch" (I’m not really sure how profanity flies around these forums… and this reminds me she had a cheating boyfriend lol) and "Just tell us you fat btch!”.

Also, it’s worthy to note that in all the chapters, you were never given the choice to make any decisions. It was more of a wild ride along to the story than an interaction.

I know this is all a little dramatic, and to be honest I’m a little sleep deprived. But I am also insanely stubborn and can’t let things go and this mystery has gone on long enough. I have scoured every inch of the web and I cannot find a SINGLE reference to ANY of these things. Not a one. That’s insane to me. I’m not giving up just yet but I thought it best to bring my trouble to the experts. If anyone can help me, you can. Please, put my poor soul at rest. Help me find this incredible, insane, hilarious story. I fear I’ll go mad if it remains a myth to me.

I’m sorry you had to wait such a long time for a reply.
I feel bad to reply without an answer considering how detailed and lengthy your post is. Unfortunately, I think the story you’re looking for might have been taken down/deleted by the author. You should be able to look up the story on Episode. I’d imagine if you can’t find it then you’re out of luck.
I did some searching myself and found nothing. Google didn’t work. The app didn’t work. Nothing directed me anywhere remotely close.
I’m sorry I couldn’t help

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That’s okay. Honestly, looking at this post in the light of day and finally some sleep, I look insane. I think I get stubborn and dramatic on 29+ hours of no sleep lol. I’m still committed to finding something of it’s existence but not nearly as super saiyan as last night. Anyway, thank you for trying! <3

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