Pls help... my friends wants to read my story.....she downloaded episode but cannot search or login....any advice?

pls help… my friends wants to read my story…she downloaded episode but cannot search or login…any advice??

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give her the link to the story

tried…but it didn’t work!!

If you just joined episode, you aren’t allowed to read community stories until you read a certain amount of episodes from official stories. Hope this helps!


Riight, I forgot about that. I lowkey did not like that because I dont really like reading some of thier stories, and they only let you chose from certain ones before you “unlock” the rest of thier stories



I downloaded the app on my dad’s device and mailed him the link and he was able to open my story!! I also did proofreading and story review from his phone by tapping the link provided and it worked!! Which device is she using? Because my dad is using Android to be specific Samsung A71

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No worries guys!!!,…we found the solution!!!..she can read now!!
thanks for your help!!

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Wait, what was the solution if you don’t mind me asking? I might come up with this problem in the future when I want my parent and sibling to read my story…

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Ii created an account for her through my phone!!

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ohh I already did that for mine then, ty!

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