Pls i need help

Pls can someone show me how to zoom an out from the feet to the head.
After the character changes into the new outfit and returns back to the screen i want to zoom the outfit from the feet to the head. Thanks!

Do you know how to use the directing helpers?

Firstly, you zoom in on their feet then when you copy paste don’t put a time then you would type THEN so @zoom spot THEN zoom…
Next, press focus and then move the camera upwards towards the character’s head and then copy paste that and with this one you put in a time, so I would go 4.
This is how it will look
@zoom spot THEN zoom spot in 4

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Ok let me try and see, thanks.

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“Flower Blue Dress”{

@YOU walks to spot 0.875 767 108 in zone 4
@YOU changes into YOU_BLUE_CROSSED

@YOU walks to spot 0.875 166 147 in zone 3
@zoom on 807 0 to 458% THEN zoom on 813 348 to 458% in 4

@pause for a beat

@zoom reset

@pause for a beat
This is what i did and the character walks to the screen showing the full outfit before it starts zooming, i don’t want it like that.
I want the zooming to start from her feet whiles she walks to the screen then upwards before the zoom reset.
Pls how can i do that?

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Let me play around with it and ill get back to you.

Okay I worked it out,
&zoom spot in 0
@YOU walks to spot in time
If you do that then the camera just shows the feet walking then when YOU has got to the spot then you can do the drag camera from feet to head.

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Ok thanks a lot :heart:

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