Pls need help asap!

So I’m writing this kissing scene where the male mc is rear amd the female mc is kissing the male mc while her back is on the locker. And to spice up the scene I love to add this limb overlay to look like the male mc is leaning his hand on the locker.
Can someone help me make this overlay?? I Need to rotate the overlay but it doesnt get rotated in picsart


You mean like this?

But in the opposite direction!

I’m showing in an angle where the male character is rear and his right arm is touching the female mc’s cheek while his left arm is leaning against the locker

Arm%20overlay%201 Arm%20overlay%202


If this isn’t how you wanted it to be you can try to make it :thinking: Or someone else who is better at art than me can help you :sweat_smile: