Plus Character Glitch?

So…my story was doing good until I replayed it and seen my plus had a glitch with the generic. I’ve tried recreating the character and it work until I have to replay it. Does the glitch ever end?

this is the response of episode for the same glitch. it’s been over 2 weeks that I’ve had this problem. hasn’t been fixed

This is an issue related to an incomplete download of a story. The best way to fix it is to full-close and restart the Episode app. This should let everything load and set your story back to normal, although this fix is temporary and may need to be repeated.

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Thank you! I hope it gets fixed because it really interrupts what I got going on in the story

Did you give an option to choose either plus or generic body and then have the “becomes” command? And are you testing in the app?

Yes, I did both and it’s still glitching

This is just an issue only you as an author deals with. When you change a characters features or make a character become another character when using the app, that character will always stay that way. So when you make your character become the plus character and then try to replay your story, the generic character stays as the plus character and that’s why it glitches because you’re trying to change them into a generic body.

But only you see this issue when you replay or retest your story in the app. This doesn’t affect your story at all. Your readers won’t experience this glitch because they only play through your story just once.


Thank you!


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